Our Key West RV Adventure

After living full-time on the road for 4 years can you believe we’ve never been to Key West? In year one it was on our bucket list but truth be told, we cancelled our reservations due to work (and we were also a little scared of taking a 45′ rig down to what seemed like an impossibly small place for that size rig).

We finally found the time and what a great time! We highly recommend adding Key West to your RV Adventure bucket list. Key West packs more fun things to do per square mile in that just about anywhere in the country (NYC gives anywhere a run for its money but that’s a post for another time).

Picture by Annandale Photography

In this video we take our 2015 Entegra Aspire down to El Mar RV Resort in Key West (Stock Island) staying just a few miles from the world-famous Duval Street. The video says just about everything but here are some helpful links to items mentioned in the video. Questions? Leave us a comment below and we’ll get right back to you!

Where We Stayed

We stayed at El Mar RV Resort, on Stock Island which is part of Key West. El Mar RV Resort is small, with only 9-10 sites in total but they are extremely spacious. If you like quiet and a lot of space, there is no better place to stay in Key West. For those looking for a little more adventure we recommend Boyd’s Campground which is an extremely well run (but tightly spaced) RV park located just across the street from El Mar.

Boyd’s has a lot more action, laundry, a pool, and a store on site while EL Mar gives the feeling that your staying at a private waterfront beach-house with friends. They both are awesome, just depends what you’re in the mood for!

Palm Beach Motorcoach Resort

Before we headed south to Key West we stayed at Palm Beach Motorcoach Resort. This place is a gem, not just because the property is amazing but because it is one of the most friendly and well run parks in the COUNTRY! Seriously its amazing.

They accept Super C’s and Class A’s only though, but no age restrictions if your coach is in good condition. Sorry to our friends with 5th wheels but don’t worry all of the Key West parks are bumper pull and 5th wheel friendly!

Checkout the RVLove Remodel Series

Make sure to checkout the RVLove remodel series. It’s absolutely amazing and incredibly produced for a web show. You won’t regret it.

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Thinks To Do

There are plenty of “Things to Do” posts out there talking about key west so we decided to pick a few less talked about items that we had a ton of fun doing while in Key West. Below are links to each of the activities in our video adventure.

Picture by Annandale Photography

Key West Top 20

  1. Rent a Bike – We rented our bikes at We Cycle – Rent on Stock Island as that location has better bikes for less $$
  2. Mile Marker “0” – Take a picture at the end of the road. It should be on everyone’s bucket list! Location Here
  3. Sunset Cruise – Commotion on the Ocean Departs from Key West for $59 dollar sunset cruises with an open bar. Worth it!
  4. Rent a Scooter – We brought our motorcycle but there are rental locations everywhere!
  5. Conch Calling – Conch shells are everywhere! Look for a conch shell with the end cut off as those are made for “conch calling”!
  6. Rum Distillery – Free tastings? What? Yup its true and the Bad Bitch Rum is worth buying, we picked up two bottles.
  7. B.O’s Fish Wagon – A hidden gem, make sure to eat at B.O’s Fish wagon and bring a sticker if you have one!
  8. Chickens! – Key West Chickens are everywhere. Look up in a tree – Chicken! Under a Car? Chicken!
  9. Harbor Walk – Checkout the Boat House Restaurant and many others on Harbor Walk. If you look carefully you’ll find Buffet’s music studio!
  10. Rent a Kayak – Rented at Hurricane Hole on Stock Island, great prices and an amazing staff and great food for after your return.
  11. Southernmost Beach Cafe & Resort – Seriously the Key Lime Coolata is amazing. Grab a drink and put your feet in the sand at this beach front restaurant hotel.
  12. Buy Souvenirs – We stopped by the Funky Chicken Store and picked up a t-shirt had and beer coozie! Chickens!

    Picture by Annandale Photography

  13. Sunset Pier – The BEST place to watch the sunset on Key West conveniently located at the end of Duval Street (north).
  14. Mallory Square – A beautiful public park with street performers and amazing waterfront and sunset views (plus you can drink on the street)
  15. Leave a Dollar at Willie T’s – On Duval Street, Willie T’s is impossible to miss and actually a lot of fun. Money up front is cleared annually and donated to Veterans. Just ask for a stapler.
  16. Conch Republic with Friends – An open air restaurant near the historic harbor with life music, a great bar and excellent food.
  17. Key Lime Pie – Its everywhere! Kermits or Key Lime Pie Company? You be the judge!
  18. Schooner Warf – A great night spot on the water with live music, an outdoor atmosphere and surprisingly good food. Try the crab salad.
  19. Better than Sex – A Dessert themed bar with a sexy theme that adds sweats to an amazing drink/dessert menu. Worth it!
  20. Drag Queen Show – This isn’t a drag show in the “automotive sense” – Drag is part of Key West’s culture and a Drag show is a must see (heaviest pours in Key West at Aqua!)
  21. Relax – Your on Island Time – What Can we say.. don’t forget the point and make sure to just let go and have fun!

Picture by Annandale Photography


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