Unlimited Data Plans? I Thought Those Didn’t Exist Anymore

Looking to get your hands on a truly unlimited data plan? That can be complicated, especially if you are looking for a plan without throttling and data caps. Currently none of the major providers offer truly unlimited data plans to new customers. There are ways around this using plans that may be throttled or de-prioritized by certain carriers using pre-paid plans or other methods, but generally you’re going to need to jump through some hoops to get your hands on those. To help our followers gain access to older plans that are no longer available, we’ve identified cellular rental providers that have fully functional grandfathered unlimited data plans. It is important to note that Livinlite.net is not a rental provider nor do we have any direction relationships with the cellular carriers. We provide a referral only. More on how that works below.

NOTICE: (4/12/2018): Due to demand for Pepewave, Cradlepoint, Wifi Ranger, & Weboost products we are now an authorized dealer.  Our online store is up and we are adding new products every day. Everything ships same day unless otherwise noted with free shipping on orders of $199.99.

 How it Works

Individuals and businesses have been renting their existing, grandfathered-in data plans that are truly unlimited for years. Our friends at the Mobile Internet Resource Center wrote a great article about these plans and a guide about how they function. Back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s you could get truly unlimited, non-throttled data plans from all of the major carriers. These companies did not believe data usage would grow as quickly as it did and were in a race to get customers signed up so they offered truly unlimited plans and probably will again in a number of years once people start refusing to pay for data per GB much like we stopped paying for phone calls by the minute. In the meantime, renting a plan from a trusted source who has access to a grandfathered plan is an excellent way to get your hands on one now without signing a contract or providing any personal information (other than an email address or phone number and a shipping address of your choosing)

How Much?

Referral Plans are constantly changing, but a full list of the plans currently available are listed here.

How Does This Work?

It is important to note that Livinlite.net is not a cellular data provider or rental provider. We do not have any agreements with the providers nor do we rent or provide service. We provide you with a referral to a provider that we have referred many customers to successfully over the years. As part of your referral purchase from us you receive a complementary 30 days of unlimited data service from the carrier of your choosing and instructions on how to continue the service via a secure payment service (Paypal). While we cannot guarantee the quality of the service, we have hundreds of followers who use this service and our partners want to keep us happy and the easiest way to do that is to keep our customers happy! Also remember you are never on the hook for more than a single month of pre-paid service and if anything ever were to change you can simply walk away and keep your device and find another plan at that time. If for any reason if you are unhappy with the referral, we will refund your money in full within the first 15 days no questions asked.

Can I Just Go On Ebay?

We’ve used quite a few cellular rental providers over the years and some of them stink! They raise your rental prices after a few months or shut services off without notice. We’ve seen it all. Once we found a rental partner we could trust we partnered up with them (3 years ago) and began referring friends and family. After we had worked together for a while we setup an agreement to refer Livinlite followers while providing a 50% discount on their first month of service.

OK, How Do I Sign Up?

As of May, 2018 our online store is up for Livinlite.net Subscribers and you can officially sign up for referrals to get unlimited data plans here. Sim cards ship same day and will arrive with service pre-activated to work for 30 days so you can test everything out and verify all claims of unlimited, un-throttled data. All orders over 199.99 get free shipping and if you are a Livinlite.net Insider you’ll receive special hardware discounts not available to the public. Your membership will pay for itself within its first purchase.

Have more questions? We have you covered. Hop on over to our store and initiate a chat with us to answer any questions. You can also email us at info@livinlite.net for a faster response.