Where Have we Been? Updates, Store Launch, Grand Opening Discounts

We have been hard at work over the last 6 months developing content and also launching an online store MobileMustHave.com. We’ve highlighted some of our major projects and details about the store in this week’s video post. Grand Opening Coupon Codes Below Check it out!

Future Projects Include

  • Victron/Battle Born Power Overhaul Video – We replaced our 2015 Entegra electrical system with 2400watts of solar, 800Ah of Lithium battery power and dual 3000w Victron Inverters wired in split phase electrifying our entire RV while cutting the cord.
  • Dump Automation System – Ever wonder if it would be possible to dump your black and grey tanks at a press of a button from inside your RV? We thought the same thing and have been testing a custom solution that does just that at a press of a button. This video should be an interesting one for sure!
  • Water Filtration System – Installation of a water filtration system that utilizes 4inch filters rather than the traditional 2 inch used in just about every product RV. Our experiences on using larger filters and thoughts on ways to improve your water filtration in your RV.
  • Fire Suppression – Our newest video we are still working on now. We install a fire suppression system in our engine bay, generator bay, inverter/battery areas and near our hot water heater. This system uses a combination of foam and clean agent gas depending on application to protect our RV from electrical or mechanical fires which are common in RV’s.

Online Store Coupon Codes & Discounts

Link to store: MobileMustHave.com
Countdown to Cyber Monday 10% off Storewide: Good Thru Dec 2: Code: blackfriday2019
Countdown to Cyber Monday 15% off TST: Good Thru Dec 2: Code: blackfridaytpms



  1. Hi Timothy, our shore power measurement video is here but its a few years old. Feel free to reply here if you have any specific questions! https://livinlite.net/monitor-your-rvs-shore-power-consumption/

  2. Howdy, great job and stellar effort to you both.
    Say , you mentioned in the video on the kilowatt hour measurement system that DIY’d, that there was a more detailed reference in your website. I couldn’t seem to find it easily. Could you be so kind as to send me that link. I’d like to build one ASAP! Thank you very much, Timothy

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