Glamour Camping or “Glamping” – Exploring an Elite Motorcoach Resort

Glamping? What is that?

Glamping or glamour camping is a slang term used to describe some of today’s most luxurious motorcoaches and RV’s. As well as a term loosely used to describe resorts that cater to guests that are interested in staying out of a traditional building or hotel structure while bringing all of the creature comforts of home along with them.

What Exactly is a Motorcoach Resort?

There isn’t an exact definition but for the most part a motorcoach resort is a high end RV resort with amenities similar to a 3 or 4 star hotel. In most cases these motorcoach resorts only allow Class A motorhomes and usually have restrictions on the age of the coach you bring. Many motorcoach resorts are similar to condominiums in that spots are owned by members rather than rented.

For the most part, motorcoach resorts are open to the public as many owners wish to rent their RV spots when they are not using them to recoup some of their investments. Amenities typically include an onsite club house, gym, swimming pool, spa, luxury bathrooms and private showers, bar, game rooms and more. Some resorts even have attached golf courses and marinas where you can park your boat right next to your coach.

How Much is a Motorcoach Resort Stay?

Hold on to your hats folks, these places are not cheap but looking on the bright side, they are cheaper than just about any 4 or 5 star hotel that’s for sure! A single night stay at a motorcoach resort like Palm Beach Motorcoach will set you back between $80.00-150.00 per night. Most parks have weekly and monthly discounts that can bring that price down considerably but think of this as a “vacation” not something most of us can do every day.

What About Buying a Spot?

Buying a spot at a prestige motorcoach resort can be as expensive as buying a house! Spots at Palm Beach Motorcoach (which just recently opened) range from $160,000 t0 almost $300,000. What is really interesting is how absolutely massive the price can range from seller to seller. If you find a resort that has spots for sale from existing members, there are absolutely deals out there, especially for those looking to sell quickly. We’ve seen amazing spots on the Pacific Coastal cliffs of Oregon overlooking the ocean for as little as $50,000. Of course if you are willing to sacrifice the view then deals are absolutely there to be had!

If you choose to look into ownership, make sure you consider property taxes, common charges and any other fees that the associations may charge as part of the sale. Always do your research.

Some Noteworthy Motorcoach Resorts



  1. Kayla,
    Thanks for the links to the luxury Motorcoach resorts! Definitely going to be checking them out. 🙂

  2. Nice resort…much nicer than any Thousand Trails I’ve seen. We’ve had some many “issues” when trying to stay in our 43′ motorhome in 15 months we’ve seldom been able to use our Thousand Trail Elite membership that we actually think we’re ready to sell it. Just not worth the hassles. IMO Thanks for the video!

    • Thanks Tim! Yea we’ve had our share of issues for sure. The Arizona parks have been the best so far, Florida has been tough. Adding the trails collection which added around 100 encore parks was a huge plus for us, might be worth checking out. See you on the road!

    • Tim, we are full timers and have a 45’ 2016 Entegra Aspire and an Ultimate Odyssey Thousand Trails membership that we use most of the time with few problems.
      We’ve been on the road since Oct. 2016. In our first year, we recouped the cost of our top of the line membership. We winter in FL, currently staying at Orlando TT. Last summer we spent 5 wonderful weeks near Bar Harbor Maine absolutely free! The campground we stayed at ran about $85 and up per night. TT has been an absolute blessing for us.
      Perhaps you may want to give your membership some more time before taking a loss by selling it?

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