Towel on The Floor? No More!

Our Motorhome (2015 Entegra Aspire) came with some very fashionable oil rubbed bronze towel hooks that.. well.. don’t work!51UlkaAeJqL._SL1000_

Kala and I found our towels constantly on the floor after the single hook that came with our coach failed to do its job. Sure Sake may be partially to blame but the hooks still do a very poor job at holding towels.

We searched for a hook that would fit in the small space of the existing hook while doing a better job at holding two full size towels. We found these hooks that are pictured that did the trick for us on Amazon and they come in just about every color you can think of. They are adjustable, the hook are angled perfectly for large towels and they are under 10 bucks and are Amazon Prime eligible, wohoo!

Installing a replacement hook is just about the same as in a stick house, except for that many manufactures install their hooks with silicone to prevent squeaks. Removal can be tricky but don’t worry, we created a walk through video on how to do it!

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