End the Bad RV Shower For Good?

RV showers are not exactly known for their amazing pressure and a luxurious experience. The RV shower has come a long way, especially in recent years as a result of more advanced and intuitive floor plans however the plumbing hardware that makes up most RV showers still remains lacking in our opinion.

Yea big deal, I’ll just go buy a shower head.

Actually that is what most people do and it isn’t that bad of an idea, especially for folks that like to stay primarily in campgrounds or locations where they have full hookups. That said, if you are like us and you like to boondock (camping without hookups) then a residential grade shower could mean you have 3 days worth of water instead of 2 weeks worth of water onboard. Shower heads can vary dramatically in the amount of water they use ranging from 1-4 gallons per minute in most cases and the ones on the lower end of that spectrum tend to provide depressingly low pressure output.

Oxygenics Body Spa RV Shower Head

Enter the Oxygenics Body Spa Shower Head (~$40.00, links to Amazon below). We first head about this from some friends out in Quartzite as part of the Xscapers Convergence which is held in January of each year. The claim was that the shower head provided increased pressure, while using less than 2 gallons per minute. Users also reported that while it was similar to cheap water saver shower heads from the 80’s that the experience was much improved. The head also sits a bit higher than our previous shower head making the experience better for taller folks. That said, if you low ceilings in your shower this could be a problem so make sure to check heights first.

The Bad

The product is plastic, which is our only complaint but plastic does have advantages, especially in Florida and other areas where hard water can be damaging to metal components. The shower head itself is also a bit larger than the one that was replaced. This can mean that it wont fit into mounts that already exist in certain showers. We think this is easily remedied by replacing the hose with a metal, standard size shower hose which can be purchased at Home Depot or a local hardware store but that will set you back an additional $8-$12.

Update: Response From Oxygenics

We loved watching your video and are glad to see you enjoying your new shower head! We are sorry you had a tough experience with our hose. Please be assured that over time the hose will loosen up and become more flexible. If you would like to speed up the process, you can run hot water through the hose while massaging it so that it becomes more flexible. As always, we are happy to help with any questions you have regarding your product. Please reach out to support@oxygenics.com for any inquiries regarding your BodySpa RV shower head.

Worth It?

As you can see in the above video, the shower head is actually quite a bit better than the original unit that was in the bus. It provided increased pressure while not being overpowering and also came with a flow control unit that allowed us to dial in the pressure. Overall we think this is a solid RV product and worth the investment of $40.00 both for the improved experience and also for the water saving aspect of the shower head, especially if you are shopping for a replacement anyway.

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  1. David A. Says: May 27, 2019 at 3:31 am

    Haven’t tried this yet (will try next trip out 4th of July) but I heard/read you could use the water hookup + onboard pump for better shower water pressure also, in case the Oxygenics isn’t quite enough pressure.

  2. Jane Ashman Says: January 27, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Hope Kayla is feeling better…need to call you Nurse Erick!

  3. BoxinTheCompass Says: January 27, 2018 at 11:11 am

    Haha! Yes the guys out there would have preferred Kayla doing the shower demo… Every other youtuber out there uses click bait! Tease your dad and tell him once he was in the video the likes went up! LOL

    Anyway good review, I seen that shower head before but never it running to get an idea of the flow and spray pattern

    Hope your dad recovered from his oral surgery OK. You’re a good son to help take care of him!

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