RV Organization Tip & Tricks Part 2 – Massive Vacuum Storage Bags

Space saving and organizing tricks are always a “must have” when living on the road. I’ve been struggling with trying to find the best place to store extra bedding and pillows for our occasional guests. The bedding and pillows always seem to take up too much space and get in the way – well that is until our guests arrive.

When the manufacturer of Blue Key World reached out to us and asked if we would perform a review on their Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags it hit me- that’s it! A vacuum storage bag would be perfect for storing my extra linens’ and pillows.

These storage bags let me shrink the following in to one jumbo bag, with room to spare (it was literally only half full).

  • 1 King Sized Comforter
  • 2 King Sized Pillows
  • 2 King Sized Pillow Covers
  • 1 King Sized Cotton Blanket
  • 1 Queen Sized Sheet

Once the bag was air sealed I was able to fit it under our bed in a space that would have normally be useless. Very neat!

A Few Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Only 2 Sizes – it would be nice if there was one size in-between the jumbo and travel bag for those mid-size items (not a deal breaker – just a nice to have).
  • White Plastic Zipper – I found it falls off and can get lost very easily (although you can easily seal the bag with your figures so if it does get lost no big deal).

What We Liked:

  • Jumbo Bag Size – The size of the jumbo bag is HUGE – you can fit almost any size pillow, comforter, quilt etc. into this size bag.
  • Water & Air Tight – Traveling in a RV, we experience different kinds of environments and sometimes unwanted guests (e.g. ants/bugs). If you ever did have a bug, dirt, water/mildew problem these air/water tight bags will keep your bedding and clothes safe.
  • Space Saving – You can save 3X the amount of space than a normal bag or bin.
  • Reasonable price –  For 4 jumbo bags and 1 small travel bag it costs a little under $20.
  • Amazon product – It can be purchased and shipped through Amazon (2-day prime shipping – can’t beat that).

I will definitely use this product again and recommend others to use the Blue Key World Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags to store their soft goods.



  1. Edward Bradshaw Says: October 6, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    Love your post and the youtube videos. Have been using these type bags off and on for years with minimal success. Seems like they work great for 10 minutes or 2 months. Downsizing from a 40 foot motorhome to a 28 foot Airstream and really need these things. Perhaps this brand is better than what we have been using. Anyone else have the same results?

    • Agreed, we used the Ziplock brand with limited success before these and after a few months we’re happy to say these seem to hold their seal quite well. That said, you really need to make sure they seal properly when packing them and take care not to tear them when packing them away. These bags are also seriously huge, you could probably fit 4 king size pillows inside and still have a little room. They are massive and we wish we could have tried smaller bags from the same company but didn’t have the time. All in all they are good, but I wouldn’t tell you that they are something extraordinarily different from those you can buy at Walmart but we have found they hold their seals better. Best of luck and see you on the road!

  2. Excellent presentation Kala,

    We’ve also been using a similar product successfully in our RV(s) for several years.

    We also seal Seasonal clothing etc and, our important documents with a cover sheet on the top/bottom of the bag; remove just enough air to protect the items from the elements. Catalog the items: Archive, Annual, Personal, Financial Rcds etc.

    – Jay

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