RV Contact-Us Sticker – Mobile Must-Haves Episode 1

Today we are going to launch our Mobile Must-Haves Series. We’ve been on the road for about 9 months now and over this time we’ve found small gadgets, ideas and  tips that have improved our mobile lifestyle. Of course we want to share them with you guys and get your thoughts on them too!  Not all of our Mobile Must-Haves will be something you need to purchase; some things are just neat tricks, custom build projects or just plain fun stuff that we made and can’t wait to tell you all about. Ok let’s get started with our first episode!

What is it? 

We created a sticker that we place next to our entry door on our coach. It has our names and phone numbers as a way to reach us when we are not home. Why would we want to broadcast who we are and how to get in touch with us?

Why do I need it?

We’ll the idea came from an experience not too long ago actually. We were sitting in an RV park and the wind started to pick up pretty bad. A neighbor had left their awning out and had left to go shopping (doh!).  That awning was looking pretty bad and it was doing everything it could to not just rip off their coach and sail off into the sunset. Erik ran over, banged on their door to notify them but nobody was there to help. We ran to the campground office and halfway we realized we didn’t write down their space number. We ran back, “ok space 56, let’s go” and then doubled back to the campground office. We found a nice lady and alerted her and she called the owners to let them know.

That experience got us thinking. What if something bad were ever to happen to our coach while we were away. What if there was an electrical fire? A water leak? What about our kitty Sake? There were countless things Erik and I started thinking of that could go wrong. Water leaks? Ahh!

So what was our best defense against these emergencies? You guys! I know its tough to trust folks in this day and age but neighbors are still your best defense in our opinion. So how would a good samaritan know how to get in touch with us when trouble struck? The RV Contact Us Sticker was born!

Before we tell you how to get one. We should tell you that we don’t put our actual direct cell phone numbers on our sticker. We use a free service from Google called Google Voice which provides us with a secondary phone number that forwards to any phone number of our choosing. Yes its free, and super cool. Google also offers call screening, which means the caller needs to announce their name before the call connects. Before you pickup, you can hear who is calling and decide if you want to pickup or let them leave a voicemail. Google Voice does quite a bit more than that including transcribe your voicemails to email, offer free nationwide long distance and a bunch of other features. You can learn more here on Googles Website

Cool, how do I get one?

Erik’s company has a sticker machine so we were able to make our own when back in Connecticut but these types of vinyl sticker are pretty easy to come by. Some companies we’ve heard are good and fast to work with are stickerobot.com and carstickers.com but you can pop by just about any sign shop and they will be able to make one up for you.  If you don’t mind waiting until our next trip home you can also comment below and we’ll see if we can whip you up one when we are home next!

How Much?

A decent sign shop should be able to cut you out a quick custom sticker in just a few minutes. We asked our local sign guy and he said he’d charge the average person around $10.00 for a single sticker in one color.

Anything Else?

The stickers we install are made from automotive grade vinyl. This means they are designed to last up to 7 years, and are removable and designed to be adhered to painted surfaced. Before you put anything on your coach make sure you check that it won’t damage your paint. Thanks for reading and make sure to comment if you have any suggestions on future posts or another comment you’d like to share.



  1. BoxinTheCompass Says: January 24, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    Oh geez I meant Kayla … I am not allowed to comment while watching NFL playoffs, typing on smart phone, working and eating pizza at same time, my phone keeps autocorrecting on both your names and I dont catch it….sorry

  2. BoxinTheCompass Says: January 24, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    And you too Erika, sorry I meant to say both you and Erik dont need anything else on your plates with both your jobs.. brilliant idea!

    • haha, no worries. Here is a geek fact. My world of Warcraft name 5 years ago was Erikala, you almost got to that combo!

  3. BoxinTheCompass Says: January 24, 2016 at 4:53 pm

    You guys are brilliant… you should sell them yourselves… not that Erik needs anything else on his plate with his business

    Always thinking out of the box!

    Preston at BoxinTheCompass.blogspot.com

    • thanks Preston, we might be taking orders for when we return home if we get enough interest! Stay tuned for more fun mobile must haves!

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