Protect RV Windshield Wipers from the Elements – Mobile Must-Haves Episode #2

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in the rain or in a heavy cloud of dust you probably realized just how important your windshield wipers are on your coach or truck. The worst situation is finding out that your wipers are non doing their job while you are in the middle of a rainstorm or tricky situation! Of course its important to do general maintenance on your rig which includes inspecting your windshield wipers for wear, cracking and other signs of use and replacing when necessary but those RV wipers are expensive. We looked up the wipers on our coach and found them to cost over 40 dollars each to replace!

OK that was a reality check, usually we replace our car RV wipers every 6 months so preventative maintenance and care to protect our RV wipers became a priority for us. Sure 80 bucks once a year isn’t going to absolutely break our bank but why not try and slow down the process of deterioration of your investment?

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 12.17.11 PMArco makes a great product you can pickup for around 25 dollars to protect your wipers if you are looking for a nicer appearance. They are available on amazon with free shipping here but if you’re looking for a creative and almost free solution read on.

This is where our friends the Bennett’s from RVLOVE come in. Marc has been using a similar trick for a while using plumping pipe insulation to cover his wipers. Then we went to the pool and saw a Water Noodle and boom it hit me that we could use a water noodle to accomplish the same trick. Then I opened my eyes and saw a few other travelers already using the water noodle trick. What a great idea we thought as water noodles are available at Walmart and Big Lots usually for under 2 dollars.

When we met up with the Bennett’s a few weeks later I told Marc about the water noodle idea and he quickly went to dig around in his coach pulling out a water noodle they didn’t use anymore. Free water noodle for us, wooohhooooo!! Checkout our video on how to make your own wiper protection system for under 2 bucks!



  1. Marie Vervinck Says: April 3, 2016 at 11:07 am

    Hello, The noodle thing sounds good but here in Las Vegas – a few spaces down from you actually, those noodles don’t last long out in the harsh desert sun. The heat in the Southwest can be very damaging. I tuck my wipers under my windshield cover. So far, so good. I’ve lived in my rv for almost 5 years now. It is an on-going learning experience!

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