Preventing Costly Camping Mistakes For Under 20 Bucks…

Some of the most costly mistakes in RV’ing are caused by forgetting very simple things. Let’s face it though, there is a lot to remember! Slides in and locked, antennas down, awnings in, steps in, suspension aired up! The list goes on! We find most mistakes happen when we are in a hurry and just passing through trying to get to our final destination. Let’s say we are in a Walmart just for the night and needing to get up early. We put up the TV antenna so we can watch some TV before bed…. morning comes, early start and bam that brand new TV antenna just got left on that bridge overpass a mile back! Fun start to the day…AllMinders

We found an easily solution for under 20 bucks to help you avoid these costly repairs. They are called RVminders. The creator took a passing 90’s fad (the snap bracelet) and turned it into something actually useful! When you stop for the night simply pull out your RV minders and select the one that fits your need.There are 10 to choose from in the box and what we like most is that two are blanks so you can write whatever you want on them. Quality is great and they also went that extra mile to make the backing material out of a microfiber non scratching material for those who have nice wooden steering wheels.

Our only complaint is there isn’t a carrying case included. Luckily they fit in our Amazon basic’s case that we put our registration and roadside assistance paperwork in.

You can see them in action above by watching our brief video on the product. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and youtube channel, and like us on Facebook for more tips and tricks!


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