Preparing a 60+ Foot RV for Travel

If you’ve ever wondered how we get the RV, Motorcycle, Jeep & Bicycles to move along the road at 50+MPH this video will show you in less that 2 minutes. Too bad the actual prep time for travel doesn’t take 2 minutes (more like 60+ minutes!).

A lot of people have also asked how much smaller our RV is when we are driving. Here are some shots of what the inside looks like when we are in-motion.

Have questions about how we travel, our mobile lifestyle or anything else? Make sure to comment below and we’ll reply!




  1. Annette & Jay Says: July 20, 2015 at 8:48 pm

    As I told you on a previous video comment we are going to be purchasing an Entegra Cornerstone. We looked into the length limits in almost every state and most of them were at or about 65′. How can you get by with 70+? We wanted a 4-door Jeep just like yours, but opted for the 2-door to stay within the limits. Please give me your input.

    • Hi Annette, technically our jeep is approx 14 feet long, and our coach is 45 feet long. Our total with the tow bar is probably a couple feet over. The 2 door is a good choice, but we had our 4 door long before the RV. If you follow the exact letter of the law you are correct that you want to keep it under 65 feet in most states. Here is an excellent site for the laws for each state! We also updated our post title since we are not 70+, thanks for the catch! We havent found that enforcement is an issue however every state is different and times change so stay safe!

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