Meet Beastie

This is Beastie, my 2010 R1200GS Adventure. This bad boy has carried me through just about every state in the country carrying everything from clothing to tents, sleeping bags, cooking gear, beer (of course!) and whatever else you can think of. This is my second BMW bike and I can honestly say its the best bike I’ve ever owned and i’ve owned quite a few. She has a 8+ gallon gas tank (plus 2 gallons in reserve), enough luggage space to fit a small city and is bulletproof reliable. She’s also equipped with some nice upgrades including HID lighting, traffic and weather systems, Satellite radio and an upgraded electrical system to accommodate everything from heated clothing to cell phone and laptop chargers.

Most recently I rode this bike cross country from Connecticut to San Francisco on an epic 2 week adventure that allowed me to see some of the most amazing sights this country has to offer. On that trip we encountered rain, snow, sleet and just about anything else you could think of (thankfully no hail!).

Right now we are researching RV lift systems to allow us to take the bike with us while flat towing our Jeep. That should be interesting! More to come!


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