Made for More – Kala’s Decision to Hit the Road

Made for More – Kala’s Decision to Hit the Road

Do you ever feel like you go through the same day for an entire week/month/year?

made4moreAt the beaming old age of 27 I was getting this feeling that all I did each day was… wake up – get ready – drive to work – sit at a desk – drive home – watch TV – go to sleep with a bunch of eating in between. I would get my two glorious weekend days and Monday morning would come way to fast.

I kept thinking is this it? I’m I really going to do this for the next 20 – 30 – 40 years of life? I mean don’t get me wrong, I have a great job, boss and co-workers but everyday I would always think – there has to be more than this. I must be doing something wrong!

So my boyfriend and I would dream up these crazy ideas of what we would do if we didn’t have to go to the office everyday day and the same shared desire was TRAVEL. See the world! Experience each and every day in a different place! Do something different. The big dream right? But no really how? …

A Mobile Home! Now the idea, at first, was strange to me as well… like I’m going to go from living in a nice big home to a home on wheels. No way! I’m probably going to have a neighbor who is cooking meth (for all those who have seen breaking bad) but we started doing more research. And some of these bad boys are really nice! Now I know why people do this when they retire. Some of these RV resorts (yes I said resorts) are amazing. No Joke – check this one out >>>

So we thought why wait until we retire… lets travel first and settle down later. Hell we could ever save some money in the process. So I’m in and I want to invite you to follow my journey… my ‘LivinLITE’ adventure! I mean come on… this is going to be one hell of an interesting ride!


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