Entegra Aspire Coach – Could this be home?

Kala and I have been looking hard at the new Entegra Aspire motor coach. Yes I know its a lot, especially for first time buyers but one thing all of our research has shown us is trading in or selling an RV because you didn’t get the right one is about the most expensive mistake you can make! We are also very lucky because Axiom allows me to work full time remotely which definitely helps us carry the addition cost of a tag axle rig.

In our research we didn’t find very many good HD videos of the Entegra so here is the one we made extensively reviewing the 44B floor plan.




  1. My wife and I are also looking at the Entegra Aspire 44B coach when we start full timing. The one question I have is how did you learn to drive it and did you have the proper license when you started out? In Texas we need a Class B non-CDL for a coach that size but the catch 22 is you need to be able to drive one to pass the test for the license and you can’t learn unless you have the coach.

    • Hi Bob, what a great question! First off, if you are new to the RV world make sure you checkout RV Success School which was put together by our friends Marc and Julie from RVLove https://livinlite.net/school/ – now your question. We are residents of New Hampshire which does not require any license other than a standard driver’s license. That said we should have gotten more training behind getting behind the wheel. I recommend reaching out to RV Success School with the question as they may have more options such as driver training. You can also test drive with a reputable dealer. Our friends at National Indoor RV have taught many buyers the basics and can assist as well. Our rep (Cowboy) is out of the Phoenix location and I can give you his cell, just let us know). Driving without proper licensing is a bad idea. It’s unlikely the police will give you trouble unless there is an incident however if you do get into an accident your insurance may not cover you if you were not properly licensed. Not worth it. One other note, many use Florida as their home state when they full time. Florida has no license requirements. Let us know how you make out!

  2. Hi, hope your enjoying full timing it. How is your new coach working for you? I’m interested about your experiences like fuel usage, driving in adverse conditions, any problems with the coach, warranty service etc.
    Thanks Doug

    • Hi Doug, apologies for the delay as we were updating our blog site!. The Entegra coach so far has been great but i’d officially say its too soon to tell. Give us a couple weeks/months and follow our youtube channel and blog for more info. Fuel mileage has been 9.6 MPG which i’d say for a coach this size is pretty good. We’ve had an issue where the Aquahot has a 2 min delay when showing (water is hot, then cold for two minutes then hot for the rest of the shower). Entegra is willing to do a modification to resolve this issue which I believe is fairly common. As for driving, we faced fairly high winds on our way back from Texas since its tornado season in parts of the south. We had zero issues. With limited experience with a tag axle I can honestly say I’m extremely impressed with the Spartan chassis the Aspire runs on. So far so good.

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