Dimmable LED Install – Natural Light in your RV

Did your RV sell you on the energy saving benefits of LED like Entegra Coach did to us? Ours did, but once we started living in it we realized some of the LED lights were ultra bright or “cool white” non-dimmable LED lights that were extremely harsh on the eyes. If you want your RV to feel like a corporate office building, or a hospital room then cool white is definitely the lights you should choose. For us, not so much, we prefer a warmer, traditional light and we also want those lights to dim.

In this video we replace the cool, harsh white LED lights installed by Entegra with dimmable warm white LED lights that are much easier on the eyes.

Materials List – Amazon Links

Wiring Diagram

(note: the dimmer comes pre wired with a black, white, and red wire – match up the colors to the diagram below)


No questions to big or too small. Just ask.. What do you have to loose? Ask below in the comments section. That is where we can reply and also show other people answers to duplicate questions. Thanks and see you on the road!



  1. Hello there!
    We are looking to put in 4-6 led lights into the ceiling of our van build, splitting them in half over two switches to also include a dimmer. Would we need to splice those the wires together from each half in order to run them through the switch?
    Thank you in advance for any help!

    • Hi April, if you want two sets on independent switch/dimmers I would just bring 12v up to each location and use the wiring diagram we show here at each location with an independent switch/dimmer by each set of lights. Just splice or split the original 12v source to each light group with its own dimmer and it will work fine. You may want to also put a master light switch up front so if your in the back and forget to turn the lights off you can turn them off from the lastee up front. Feel free to send over any drawings your thinking will work if you want us to review 🙂

  2. Hello Erik-
    Ran across your Blog here looking for lighting for an ambulance we are converting. Was wondering what company you are using for your website or blog? I like the way it looks if you wouldn’t mind sharing. Jeana Fox

    • Hi Jeana, our blog is coded using wordpress using themes by a popular theme company called Webnus. You can checkout templatemonster.com or another template site and search for template. This is harder to implement than something like wix.com but its cheaper in the long run as wordpress is free once you buy a theme, all you need after that is webhosting. We use wpengine.com for hosting.

  3. Erik & Kala,

    I watched your video on installing dimmable lights. I want to go the opposite direction from dimmable to a single on/off switch. How do I wire the 4 wires? I have 2 red wires labeled in and out and a White and a Black wire.


    • Hey Steve, just having wire colors isnt enough to tell you how to wire a circuit unfortunately. If your trying to wire a simple on/off switch those it should be fairly simple. If you wire the lights up and they are “on” simply add a switch to either your ground wire or your 12v+ wire. A switch will only need to be on a single wire to interrupt the circuit and turn off (and on) the lights. Here is a video of how to wire a basic switch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8BaE8bv9Yo

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  5. vin lugg Says: May 6, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    Hey guys didn’t realize until today you’re from NH!!! I’m from Barrington, over near the Portsmouth area.
    Small world.

    • Very cool Vin! Small world indeed! Erik was born in NH and I am from Connecticut but we love our New Hampshire home base. Life free of die! – Thanks for checking in!

  6. Jay Clark Says: May 6, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Another fine instructional video.
    CULater, Jay, Lynda and Artie

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