Boondocking Fort Pierce, Florida – Summer Crush Winery

While traveling north from Homestead, Florida to Daytona Beach we stumbled upon this cute little boondocking spot in Fort Pierce, Florida that is a part of Harvest Hosts. Summer Crush Winery is much more than your traditional winery. First of, we’ve never heard of traditional wines coming out of Florida so we were intrigued but more on that below. Summer Crush Winery has an amazing campus with a beautiful lake and events venue overlooking the water and surrounding vineyard. They have free,  live music almost every weekend during peak winter months and also offer an evening concert series that features some really awesome bands. During our visit CSNsongs was featured and they got the place rocking!

Is it Really Free?

Camping is actually free (well you need a Harvest Hosts membership that is around $50.00 per year). Tickets to the concert series vary, we paid $25.00 per person and had spacious assigned seating and access to a full dinner buffet for an additional $14 dollars per person. Camping for a second night will cost you either $10.00 or you can spend $25.00 or more in the shop and stay another night for free. Details are available on the Harvest Hosts website.

Muscadine Grape?

As expected, its virtually impossible to grow traditional vine grapes in Fort Pierce. The heat, sand and humidity make it a very inhospitable place for most wine grapes. That didn’t stop Summer Crush which found it’s niche creating wines using the Red Muscadine and White Muscadine grape.We aren’t wine experts, not even close, but the Muscadine grape is sweet and lends itself to making sweater wines that can be great for sangrias and summer cocktails, especially in the Florida heat. Summer Crush has some tricks up it’s sleeve for those of you who like more of a dry or oaky finish as well!

Booking – What is Harvest Hosts?

For those of you that don’t know about Harvest Hosts, its a network of vineyards, wineries, breweries and special events venues that allow 24-hour overnight parking for RV’ers. For more details checkout our Detailed Harvest Host Article. You can contact Summer Crush directly by visiting their website here.



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    How do you guys manage receiving packages or mail or even setting up accounts with company’s? Being that there is no actual address.

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