Booking Your First RV Location

Booking Your First RV Location

We have the idea, we have the plan, we have the tools…. Now go!

Prepping for a trip of living on the go. How do you do it? Recently it’s been more stressful than exciting. How do I tell my family? How do I tell my friends? How do I start this blog? I want to write and post about all the things I’m doing and all the fun places I want to visit but I’m not sure how. Yesterday I just booked the Key West campground for the month of April. I called and reserved a 45ft RV hookup and put down $100 and did I mention we don’t own the RV yet. I looked up reserving an RV site to ensure I had all the information before I called. Turns out they ask you the following questions:

  •  Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Camping Unit- sample answer ‘RV’
  • Length of Unit – answer ‘45ft’ (truthfully I’m not sure how long our unit is but I figured going longer is better)
  • Number of Adults
  • Children Under 14 yrs
  • Slide Outs – (they care more about one side vs both sides then the number)
  • Tow Vehicle
  • Car Trailer
  • Full Hook up
  • Animals – answer “yes- one cat :)’

I think about it and laugh but if you don’t book the good spots 4 months in advance they wont be open. Right?!

It all seems so surreal. I’m planning this crazy trip but I still go about my day to day like nothing has changed. I want to write more in my blog and about the things I’m doing but what’s so exciting about my corporate day to day. I can’t just say that I’m thinking and planning and booking. What are the things that I can do now that makes the most sense… this is what I’ve come up with-

  • Made our travel calendar
  • Book hot spot locations
  • Start selling unwanted things around the house on ebay.
  • Save money
  • Research the perfect RV for us
  • Research how a RV works (I just recently watched this video on flushing an RV toilet…. Who knew) Watch Video

Those are the things I’ve been concentrating on. It’s been keeping me fairly calm. Small steps seem to be the key!



  1. HI! Tell us more about your cat and being on the road. Where do you keep the litter box? How did you go about getting training it and prepping to travel? I have my wife’s two cats (she passed away a couple years ago) and in just 149 days I get to retire and am seriously considering full timing it. I promised to take care of her cats – so I guess I will be spending 100K+ to upgrade to a class A (looking at an Allegro Breeze) just to make good on my promise to her…. I do like them too… and they certainly love me….

    • Hi Scott, Thanks for asking, we always love talking about Sake. He was a little stressed at first but now he loves it! It took about 3-4 moves before he was more comfortable with the walls moving and the leveling jacks but now he isn’t phased at all. We keep a small litter box in the 1/2 bath (it is actually a small container that we bought at Walmart for $5). It fits between the wall and the ‘john.’ We fill it with light weight litter and I scoop it every 1-2 days into a covered trash and I throw the trash away every 5-7 days. It sounds kind of annoying now that I’m writing it down but a small price to pay for our ‘fur baby’ that we love so much. So sorry to hear about your wife, our condolences. I’m sure the cats will love RVing because they are with you. We really enjoy our Class A Entegra Aspire, no regrets on our purchase here. If you have any other questions, please let us know. We are happy to help!

      • Awesome! Thanks! I am looking at an Allegro Breeze either 28′ or 31′ as I really enjoy the National Parks and Monuments.

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