Bites, Beer & Bikes in New Paltz, NY

New Paltz, NY is home of one of the coolest towns in the historic Hudson Valley. If you are into great restaurants, fun nightlife, and cute shops, all while being surrounded by stunning mountains then New Paltz, NY is a destination that should be on your list. If you are a Thousand Trails member then Rondout Valley Campground is 25 minutes from downtown New Paltz. In just about every direction there is something to do, from fresh produce and farm stands at almost every corner, to hiking, biking and more, this is a great area for those with an active lifestyle.

Much of the secret to New Paltz’s charm (in our opinion) is the young people that seem to be around every corner. With Suny New Paltz located just up the road, there are college students frequently most spots keeping the town young and hip supporting local businesses you just don’t see anymore. Interested in some vinyl records for your collection? New Paltz has you covered with two, yes two! vinyl shops within walking distance.

If you’re a foodie, then this town has you covered. We couldn’t believe how many restaurants (and good restaurants!) there were in this little town. There is Main Street Bistro, which we found had great Sunday brunch. Bacchus, a fun bar with over 400 beers an an attached pool hall, and a cute outdoor seating area. Mexican kitchen, a small spot we found with excellent, authentic Mexican food. Finish things off with a milkshake from Huguenot Creamery, these are amazing. The ice cream they get is so creamy and the service is excellent.  The list goes on, too many to list and we only sampled a small portion of the spots.

If you’re a motorcycle rider then you need to check out this area. The drive from New Paltz up to the Mohunk Mountain House is stunning. You can also take a day trip up to Phoenicia, NY another great town even further off the beaten path. This area is great for getting down into the turns and testing your skills or just for cruising and enjoying the scenery. 

We’ve put together a brief video of some of the additional attractions we found during our stay in Hudson Valley. We hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and Subscribe to our Youtube channel!


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