A Day Antiquing in Brimfield Massachusetts

Brimfield, Mass is one of the most popular antiquing destinations in the country. Three times a year they hold a week long antique road show where dealers and vendors will set up booths filled with any type of antique you can possibly think of! These road shows are massive, something that would be very difficult to get through in one day. It’s a family friendly event with a bunch of food options, several portable rest area facilities, and police monitoring the entire event. The show takes place along Route 20 of Brimfield, MA; located between exits 8 and 9 of the Mass Turnpike, I-90.

Where we stayed:

We stayed at Oak Haven Family Campground, which was only about 5 miles from the show. It was very convenient, with extremely friendly and accommodating staff. The grounds were spacious and well groomed, able to fit our 50 Foot RV.

Good things to know:

Parking and Traffic – There can be a bit of traffic along route 19 and 20 during the week of the show but it moves rather quickly as it is against the law to park on these streets (you will be ticketed and towed if you do) but there are several parking lots along Route 20 for a fee of ~$10.00. There are cheaper parking options farther from the show but paying the 10 bucks and not having to walk far seemed like the better option to us.

Bring comfy shoes – If you plan of checking out the entire show you will be walking through a lot of fields. We suggest bringing some comfortable shoes.

Don’t forget $$$ – Some vendor will take checks and I believe the food counters did take credit cards but your best bet is to bring cash. Especially if you plan on doing a bit of bargaining for that little (or big) something you just can’t leave without!

Their next show for 2015 is happening Sept 8-13 but in 2016 their show dates are as follows:

  • May 10-15
  • July 12-17
  • Sept 6-11

Take a look at the official Broomfield website which is extremely informative for any additional questions.

Happy Antiquing!


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