12・Returning to the U.S. – What Do I Need to Know?

The Anrade, California border crossing is open from 6:00am – 10:00pm pacific time. Depending on the time of year their can be a long line back into the US, it could take you an hour or more. This tend to happen during the winter months and in the middle of the day. There are benches and shade where the lines form and be forewarned the local peddlers will try to sell you things as you wait.


You are required to have a passport or passport card to enter back into the United States- So don’t forget that! If you need more information on documentation needed to get back into the United States (passport, visa, etc.) check out the US Department of State website here!

Border Patrol:

The border patrol will ask each person individually for their ID and ask you what you purchased in Mexico. You maybe required to show what you purchased, they usually only ask to see medication, but you may need to show other purchased depending on what it is.

Prescription Medication:

You are allowed to bring a 3 months personal supply of prescription medication back to the U.S. As mentioned above you will need to declare all item especially drugs when returning back into the US. Depending on the medication and dosage a written perception from the doctor maybe required, but not always.

Crossing the border:

  • Only 1 bottle of alcohol is allowed per person
  • Can NOT bring back fruits and vegetables
  • Can NOT bring back anything on the controlled substances list

Below are a few additional links that provide great information on traveling to Mexico and crossing the boarder: