11・How Long Do I Need to Plan to Stay In the Los Algodones, Mexico?

Just how long you need to plan on staying in the Yuma/Los Algodones area can vary greatly depending on the procedures you are getting. There is no right answer for this question but an answer for your specific situation is easy enough to figure out. The dental offices are busy and they often overlook explaining how many visits you will need to take to complete the procedure. One thing we found in general was that the turn around time for just about anything was extremely fast. Most things were either same day or next day when it came to waiting for labs, temps, or scheduling follow ups. The doctors know that you are not a local and want to accommodate your schedule/travel plans. Talk to the front office of the dental practice you choose and get a complete timeline of the procedure you are looking to get done, then schedule your visits around that information.  Below is additional information of how long the process of getting an extraction and implant took for us.

How many trips we took (for a cleaning, consultation, extraction, implant and crown)

Trip 1 – November 2016

  • Visit 1: Cleaning and consultation visit.
    • For the consultation Erik got a 360 x-ray and CT scan. This will assist in evaluating the bone and to avoid any mistakes when making the implant (i.e. ensuring the implant is but in the optimal position).
    • A different machine was needed for the CT scan so this was completed at a different office. Once the scan was completed they send it directly back Dr. Rubio’s office for us. This is done same day as long as it is before 2:00pm.
  • Visit 2-  Tooth extraction and implant.
    • Once the implant is in, a temporary tooth can also be made. Since this was one of Erik’s back teeth we decided to not get the temporary.
    • NOTE: More visits if a bone-graphing (meaning there isn’t enough bone to hold implant) or sinus lift is required. It all depends on results of evaluation and comfort level of Dentist in how they want to proceed with the treatment.
    • After the procedure we picked up some perception antibiotics and pain killers and went home to rest.
    • Wait 3-4 months for the implant to heal.

Trip 2 – February 2017

  • Visit 3 – Standard in-office X-ray, to see how implant healed, and impressions for crown.
    • Wait 5-7 days for crown to be made.
  • Visit 4 – To have the crown cemented.