06・How Do I Select A Dentist in Mexico?

Disclaimer: As we’ve said multiple times in this article, we are not doctors or experts. That said, here is some information on how we made our decision on which dentist to work with.

Selecting a dentist in Mexico is just like selecting a dentist in the U.S. with some key differences. In the United States, we have the American Dental Association which keeps track of licensed and accredited dentists who are licensed to practice. In Mexico the regulatory bodies are  similar in many ways to the U.S.

In order for a dentist in Mexico to obtain a license to practice dentistry in Mexico, the applicant must pass an exam provided by the Colegio Nacional de Cirujanos Dentistas (CNCD).

In Mexico, the Asociacion Dental Mexicana (ADM) or Mexico Dental Association is the regulating body that oversees the standards of practicing dentistry in the country. A dental practitioner must undertake 30 hours of continuing education every two years to be able to maintain their membership and good standing in the ADM.

Just like in the U.S. a good first step is to verify the credentials and certifications held by the dentist you are looking to work with. You can ask about their license status, and request to see copies of the licenses during your initial consultation visit.

In the end, no amount of licensing can be a replacement for common sense. Inspect the dentist office for good healthcare practices. Observe if people are wearing gloves, look for sterilization equipment and if you don’t feel comfortable just leave, there is always another dentist, don’t risk it!.

We also like to check online for dental reviews. Don’t just trust any review, some have been posted by marketing firms who are trying to steer people in a particular direction. Look for websites or blogs you trust that have valid content not just about dentistry. There are a lot of websites and bloggers who have recommended dentists they know and trust including us. Reach out to multiple sources for their honest opinion. You may not always get a reply but its worth doing your homework when your health and safety is at stake.