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May 2017

Dimmable LED Install – Natural Light in your RV

Did your RV sell you on the energy saving benefits of LED like Entegra Coach did to us? Ours did, but once we started living in it we realized some of the LED lights were ultra bright or “cool white” non-dimmable LED lights that were extremely harsh on the eyes. If you want your RV to feel like a corporate office building, or a hospital...

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Jan 2017

Motorhome & Trailer Slide LED Strip Installation

At the Entegra Vegas Rally we attended in 2016 we had a chance to look at the new 2017 Entegra coaches and one feature we really liked was the LED lights under the passenger side slides. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but these LED lights that come factory on the Anthem and Cornerstone really make a difference for your outdoor lighting (plus they...

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