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May 2017

The Portable Grill Challenge

What’s a good camping trip without some good grilled food? Right?!  Well we love to eat and we especially love to grill; so when it came time to pick which grill to take with us on the road, selecting the right one was a “hot” topic (ok that was cheesy). We started our RV journey with the Coleman Road Trip LXE Portable 2 burner Propane Grill...

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May 2016

Bake a 3 Layer Cake in your RV Convection Microwave!

I’ve baked cupcakes, cooked a whole turkey and cooked various other meals in our RV Convection Microwave but what about a 3 layer cake? I’m no professional cake maker that is for sure, but I saw a three layered multi-colored cake being made in a professional kitchen and thought… I can totally make that in my RV! AND an even better reason I’m going to...

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Oct 2015

RV Convection Microwave – Do they work? Can you really bake in one?

I’m not going to lie I was a bit confused and slightly intimidated by our RV convection microwave. Don’t get me wrong I totally understood the microwave part… put food in, press microwave, select cook time and ‘TA-DA!’ hot food in no time, but the button that read BAKE and with three round removal racks inside got me a bit confused. My first attempt to...

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