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Aug 2015

Monitor Your RV’s Shore Power Consumption

Ever wonder just how much electricity your RV is consuming when hooked up to shore power? Want to know just how much each of your appliances is drawing without having to move a meter all over your RV to test everything? Sure lots of RV’s show you how many amps they are drawing at any given time but how much does that calculate to in dollars per hour,...

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Jun 2015

Staying Connected While on the Road

Updated November 2016 Staying connected on the road is essential for us. Whether it’s posting the blog post you are reading right now or making sure we can do our day jobs, we need to be connected at all times to maintain this fun lifestyle! How do we do it? We do it with a collection of technology that we put months of research and testing...

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May 2015

Preventing Costly Camping Mistakes For Under 20 Bucks…

Some of the most costly mistakes in RV’ing are caused by forgetting very simple things. Let’s face it though, there is a lot to remember! Slides in and locked, antennas down, awnings in, steps in, suspension aired up! The list goes on! We find most mistakes happen when we are in a hurry and just passing through trying to get to our final destination. Let’s...

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A Better Way to Create Checklists


Apr 2015

A Better Way to Create Checklists

Asana! This free online tool has been great in not only planning our RV trip but has made creating and personalizing our RV checklists a breeze (but you could use them anywhere). You can access Asana through the web or through the Asana app on your smart phone. Go ahead and set up a log in and create new projects (or in this case checklists)...

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