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Jan 2018

Cooktop Knob Repair + Tons of Repair Applications – QuikSteel

Cooktop & stove knobs can become brittle and break, especially if they are located close to the heat source. In our 2015 Entegra Aspire we’ve replaced our knobs a number of times and calling up to order new knobs started getting old fast. Instead of buying costly knobs that end up just breaking again, we came up with a fix that has lasted us for...

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Nov 2017

Ditch the Generator for Under $1200? – RV Solar Project

We’ve held off for quite some time on posting anything related to our experiences with solar as we wanted a minimum of 2 years of experience with solar before we started posting our opinions on the topic. We’ve had our solar setup for nearly that long and we are ready to share our experiences! Rather than get into a lengthy explanation of how we built...

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May 2017

The Portable Grill Challenge

What’s a good camping trip without some good grilled food? Right?!  Well we love to eat and we especially love to grill; so when it came time to pick which grill to take with us on the road, selecting the right one was a “hot” topic (ok that was cheesy). We started our RV journey with the Coleman Road Trip LXE Portable 2 burner Propane Grill...

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May 2017

Dimmable LED Install – Natural Light in your RV

Did your RV sell you on the energy saving benefits of LED like Entegra Coach did to us? Ours did, but once we started living in it we realized some of the LED lights were ultra bright or “cool white” non-dimmable LED lights that were extremely harsh on the eyes. If you want your RV to feel like a corporate office building, or a hospital...

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Apr 2017

Mexico Dental Part II – A Guide to Dental Surgery in Los Algodones

Welcome to Part II of our Journey to Mexico for a Dental Implant! Welcome to the conclusion of our Mexico Dental video series. Make sure to checkout part 1 of our series here if you haven’t already. In this video we return to Mexico 3 months after Erik’s initial extraction and dental implant installation. During the 3 month wait, the implant was given time to health and...

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Apr 2017

Mexico Dental – A Guide to Dental Surgery in Los Algodones

Before we get Started If you are thinking about getting dental work done in Mexico then you’ve found a great resource to help you decide if Mexico Dental is the right choice for you. All of the information you will find in this article is based on personal experiences and our independent research. We were not paid by any dental office, and give our opinion freely...

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Jan 2017

Motorhome & Trailer Slide LED Strip Installation

At the Entegra Vegas Rally we attended in 2016 we had a chance to look at the new 2017 Entegra coaches and one feature we really liked was the LED lights under the passenger side slides. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but these LED lights that come factory on the Anthem and Cornerstone really make a difference for your outdoor lighting (plus they...

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Dec 2016

Cats on a Plane! First Time Traveling with Kitty

Traveling with our furry family members is a question or concern that comes up often. Do we take them with us, do we ask someone to watch our pet while we are away? Do we board them? Depending on your pet and where you are going, the answer to this question could be different in a lot of ways. In this post we are going to...

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Oct 2016

Outdoor TV – Tilting TV Mount You Can Install Yourself!

Our 2015 Entegra Aspire came with an outdoor TV that we thought was a great feature when we purchased the coach. It wasn’t until after we purchased the coach and started using it on the road full time that we realized the TV had some noticeable drawbacks. First, it is mounted very high and unless you like watching TV standing up, it’s a bit of...

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Aug 2016

Dumping Your Black Tank at Home? Yes it’s Possible!

So we’re staying at a friend’s house in the northeast for work. This place is beautiful, we have total privacy, access to a 50 amp electric service, water! Who could possibly want anything more?? We’ll if you’re like us you might want a sewer hookup. I know that’s a lot to ask for, especially when staying on a friend’s property. Let’s face it, it’s probably...

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