Nov 2017

Bargain Solar – 640 Watts for Under $1200 – But Will it Work?

We’ve held off for quite some time on posting anything related to our experiences with solar as we wanted a minimum of 2 years of experience with solar before we started posting our opinions on the topic. We’ve had our solar setup for nearly that long and we are ready to share our experiences! Rather than get into a lengthy explanation of how we built...

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Apr 2017

Mexico Dental – A Guide to Dental Surgery in Los Algodones

Before we get Started If you are thinking about getting dental work done in Mexico then you’ve found a great resource to help you decide if Mexico Dental is the right choice for you. All of the information you will find in this article is based on personal experiences and our independent research. We were not paid by any dental office, and give our opinion freely...

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Nov 2016

Your Next Bucket List Adventure – Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Each year during the first full week of October the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico hosts the Albuquerque International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. About 750,000 people come to this fiesta each year to see hundreds of different balloons float above the city. When our friends told us about this event and that it was extremely RV friendly we knew we had to go! We attend the 45th Annual...

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Jul 2016

RV Black Tank Fail

Our 2015 Entegra Aspire has been relatively trouble free. That said, recently we came across a failure of our black tank system that resulted in us not only being unable to properly dump our tanks but also unable to close our black tank valve properly leaving us stranded until we fixed the issues. It all started when we went to go dump our tanks as...

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May 2016

Bake a 3 Layer Cake in your RV Convection Microwave!

I’ve baked cupcakes, cooked a whole turkey and cooked various other meals in our RV Convection Microwave but what about a 3 layer cake? I’m no professional cake maker that is for sure, but I saw a three layered multi-colored cake being made in a professional kitchen and thought… I can totally make that in my RV! AND an even better reason I’m going to...

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Mar 2015

Entegra Aspire Coach – Could this be home?

Kala and I have been looking hard at the new Entegra Aspire motor coach. Yes I know its a lot, especially for first time buyers but one thing all of our research has shown us is trading in or selling an RV because you didn’t get the right one is about the most expensive mistake you can make! We are also very lucky because Axiom...

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