May 2015

Preventing Costly Camping Mistakes For Under 20 Bucks…

Some of the most costly mistakes in RV’ing are caused by forgetting very simple things. Let’s face it though, there is a lot to remember! Slides in and locked, antennas down, awnings in, steps in, suspension aired up! The list goes on! We find most mistakes happen when we are in a hurry and just passing through trying to get to our final destination. Let’s...

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Apr 2015

About Erik & Kala (video)

Check out our blog launch video explaining Livinlite.net! Like something or want to see us talk about or review something? Please leave a comment below. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our Youtube Channel!


Oct 2014

Drone Launch in Westport, CT

We visited a friend, Dave, today that has a really cool hobby – he flies a drone! A remote controlled flying camera that takes pictures and videos. Today he was filming a timed rowing match from the air over a river! The video footage is like nothing you would be able to record from the ground and the coach will use the video to help...

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