Nov 2016

Mad Dash! Driving from Connecticut to New Mexico in 6 days – Impossible?

We have been quite boring travel bloggers these last few months as work took us back to Connecticut for the Summer. But its ok, that is behind us and we are back on the road!! We wanted to pick up around where we left off… The Southwest! So what better way to jump start us on our trip than a 2,150 mile drive from Connecticut to Albuquerque,...

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Jul 2016

RV Black Tank Fail

Our 2015 Entegra Aspire has been relatively trouble free. That said, recently we came across a failure of our black tank system that resulted in us not only being unable to properly dump our tanks but also unable to close our black tank valve properly leaving us stranded until we fixed the issues. It all started when we went to go dump our tanks as...

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Apr 2016

Build an RV Steering Wheel Table for Under 20 Bucks!

Living in an RV often means that we are short on counter space. We got to thinking about all sorts of space saving ideas, some better than others. One space that always seemed to be wasted in our RV was the driver’s seat area, more specifically the steering wheel. Now this little trick won’t work for everyone, but chances are if you have a diesel pusher...

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Stop Pulling Fuses to Flat Tow Your Vehicle


Mar 2016

Stop Pulling Fuses to Flat Tow Your Vehicle

Do you have to pull ignition fuses from your vehicle every time you flat tow your car? Our RV neighbors Jay & Linda Clark drive a 2008 Saturn Vue and they did too. One day a fuse broke off in the fuse panel leaving them stranded and Jay had finally had enough. Jay & Erik got to work on fixing the Saturn and after getting things fixed, they decides...

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South of the Border! Rest Stop & Road Side Attraction


Feb 2016

South of the Border! Rest Stop & Road Side Attraction

For anyone who have driven down Interstate 95 between North Carolina and South Carolina you have seen the signs for South of the Border (SOB). We came from the North and signs advertising SOB started at least 300 miles before we got there. Signs are everywhere, with one after the other about every couple miles on I95 until you finally reach this Mexican inspired rest stop and...

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Nov 2015

Cook a 12 Pound Turkey in Your RV!

Who says you can’t have a traditional Thanksgiving meal while on the road? We cooked at 12-pound whole turkey in our RV microwave convection oven and it turned out great. We used this simple recipe that required only 4 ingredients. Ingredients: 8-12lb Whole Turkey Salt to taste Pepper to taste 2 cups of Chicken broth Cook time: 12-15 minutes per pound Oven temp: Preheat –...

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Oct 2015

Albacore – Tuna or Submarine?

It’s actually both! While visiting southern Maine we took a 20-minute drive down to Portsmouth, NH, not only to enjoy the local brewery, but to get a little history lesson by visiting the United States Ship Albacore (AGSS 569) located in Albacore Park – 600 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801 to be exact. For $7.00 per person you can take a self guided audio tour...

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Sep 2015

A Day Antiquing in Brimfield Massachusetts

Brimfield, Mass is one of the most popular antiquing destinations in the country. Three times a year they hold a week long antique road show where dealers and vendors will set up booths filled with any type of antique you can possibly think of! These road shows are massive, something that would be very difficult to get through in one day. It’s a family friendly...

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Three Months in… How are we Doing?


Jun 2015

Three Months in… How are we Doing?

It’s been a little over three months and we are officially full time RV’ers. We packed up our big house and man did we have a lot of stuff. Thank goodness we started early. About 6 month before we actually bought the RV, we started planning and packing up our house including selling unwanted things on ebay. We separated out what we ‘thought’ we needed, what...

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