Drone Launch in Westport, CT

We visited a friend, Dave, today that has a really cool hobby – he flies a drone! A remote controlled flying camera that takes pictures and videos. Today he was filming a timed rowing match from the air over a river!

The video footage is like nothing you would be able to record from the ground and the coach will use the video to help teach her students to improve on their rowing techniques.

I have to say — This ‘drone’ is so cool! It has four propellers and this insane looking remote. It can fly up to 400 feet, ¾ of a mile away, up to 30 mph at 15-minute clips. While it can take off and land from the ground I was given the job of holding the drone for take off. It was so neat to see the take off so close.

While each take off was seamless and we had 5 successful trips our last trip had some drama… ‘drone drama’! The battery failed mid-flight and we had to have an emergency landing!

Dave reacted quickly and flew the drone to the side of the river. Luckily he found an empty parking lot where he was able to land the done safely before the battery died.

We all jumped into the car and drove to the parking to find the drone sitting perfectly without a scratch on it! Thank goodness because these aren’t cheap!

This is a new and growing technology and Dave has taken some really cool videos. Check them out at HDfromabove.


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